RBI at the design stage

Slug catcher, similar to those at the subject plant


  • A gas treatment plant, in the Middle East, during the final stages of design


  • To assist the plant constructor to provide the operator with a risk based inspection plan for all plant items subject to corrosion
  • The initial plan to be based on design data, but adaptable to reflect actual corrosion experience in-service


  • Review of existing design data, hazard analyses and corrosion calculations
  • Development of a probabilistic model of the expected corrosion processes, under normal and fault conditions
  • Development of a risk based inspection plan using the probabilistic corrosion model and the existing semi-quantitative consequence estimates, making allowance for areas of potential full or partial redundancy in the system


  • A risk hierarchy for all components in the plant
  • A grouping of components according to optimal inspection intervals
  • A method for re-setting inspection intervals depending on the relationship between observed in-service corrosion and the a priori estimates

Plant Integrity