Fibre-optic monitoring of steam pipework temperatures


  • High pressure steam Y-piece, operating at 535°C, on a 314MW unit


  • Proving of an on-line monitoring system using optical fibre temperature sensors, at a field demonstration
Y-piece with fibre-optic temperature sensor


  • Optical fibre system and replacement insulation system produced in advance of plant shutdown
  • Development of software to calculate creep and thermal fatigue damage on-line in real time


  • Installation completed and tested within shutdown timescales
  • Successful monitoring of start-up and steady state operation


  • Distributed temperature monitors can be cost-effectively installed
  • Installation can be achieved in normal shutdown timescales
  • Real-time life monitoring can be achieved
  • Operators can evaluate mode of operation and the resulting damage
  • Life extension programmes can be undertaken

Plant Integrity