Life management of seam-welded pipework

Champagne Power Station - courtesy EDF


  • Development and validation of an inspection prioritisation and life prediction programme for a fleet of stations with seam-welded hot-reheat lines


  • Review of world-wide experience
  • Draft procedure addressing piping geometry, stress analysis, weld profile and local metallurgy
  • Validation on a selected unit, including testing of full-thickness cross-weld specimens, monitored for strain and damage accumulation


  • Definition of the relative effects of global stress and local metallurgy, and how these interact for different weld geometries
  • Production and acceptance of guidelines for inspection and life management
  • Realisation of the need for selective cross-weld testing in certain circumstances
  • Definition of safe operating conditions as component life is exhausted


Asquiedge, P., Guttmann, D., Rivron, J-P., Thoraval, G., Annis, V. A., Brear, J.M., Cane, B.J., Kermad., A., Middleton, C.J., Soo., J
“Remaining life assessment of single-V seam weld 2Cr1Mo hot reheat pipework”
ASME Symposium ‘Service Experience on Operating Fossil Power Plants’, 1995

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