Life and maintenance optimisation of reheater tubes


  • 2¼CrMo reheater tubes in a natural-gas fired 270MW power station with 40,000h service


  • To optimise the chemical-cleaning frequency, based on achieving a further 100,000h service


  • Probabilistic life assessment, centred on a mechanistic model addressing creep, fireside and steamside corrosion and using quantitative inspection data


Tube life shown to be sensitive to acid-cleaning interval
Cleaning every 30,000h shown to be required in order to achieve the desired life


  • Tube life determined
  • Optimum maintenance regime identified
  • Identification of a material upgrade, to 12%Cr, as a cheaper and less disruptive option than the three acid-cleaning operations required to achieve 100,000h
Effect of acid-cleaning interval on tube failure probability


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