On-line life monitoring of headers and tubes

Superheater headers and stub boxes


  • 4 x 350 and 4 x 650 MW coal-fired units in the far east


  • To develop, install and commission an on-line life monitoring system using thermocouples and steam pressure and temperature sensors only


  • Superheater and reheater headers, manifolds and tubes on two boiler designs
  • Fatigue, creep and creep-fatigue damage for headers and manifolds
  • Creep, fireside and steamside corrosion mechanisms for boiler tubes


  • Review design, operating conditions, materials and prioritise boiler components for on-line monitoring
  • Provide instrumentation plan for sensors
  • Install sensors and monitor operation for several months, covering various start-ups, shut-downs, mill changes etc
  • Develop finite element models of all components
  • Model actual operation from monitoring and ‘map’ temperatures from thermocouples to the finite element analysis
  • Develop ‘stress functions’ which correlate temperatures from monitoring to the stresses at the critical locations on each component. This method utilises both temperature and temperature change to capture transient behaviour
  • Develop software to capture and validate sensor data, and then for each component, calculate life consumed by creep, fatigue and creep-fatigue
  • Allow validation and revision of life calculations on the basis of inspection data


  • Boiler components prioritised in terms of severity and nature of damage
  • Focussed inspection and maintenance plan developed
  • Real-time stress display for all monitored components
  • On-demand remaining life calculation
  • Life extension options, through changes in operation, identified
  • Effect of market–driven changes in operation on component life quantified


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