Design and materials evaluation

Superheater outlet header, instrumented for research, and FE model

Are the design and materials appropriate?
Design and materials evaluation

Does the design meet its objective:

  • that the component should perform its desired function
  • at the best through-life cost-benefit ratio
  • with the required levels of safety and reliability?

Is the design correct in principle, meeting the necessary statutory, industrial and corporate requirements?

Is the design method correct: should it be by analysis, to appropriate codes and standards or in accord with good practice and judgement?

Is the design correct in detail: have the correct choices been made, at every level; have they been implemented; and can this be demonstrated?

Is the design robust and achievable?

If the answer to any of these is 'no', what is the most cost-effective remedy?

Are the materials appropriate to the design requirements?
What are the true values of the relevant materials properties?

Are improved designs and materials achievable?

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