Crude heater life and performance optimisation

Refinery heaters


  • Radiant heater tubes, fabricated from A335 T5 material and with 185,000h service, in a cabin furnace serving a crude distillation unit


  • To determine the remaining life and future inspection requirements of the radiant tubes under current operating conditions
  • To determine the effect on tube life of potential increases in furnace throughput


  • Definition of baseline heater parameters by performing simulations of design and of current operating conditions
  • Level 2 probabilistic life assessment


  • Radiant tubes shown to have a good remaining life capability under current operating conditions
  • Need for improved tube metal thickness measurements identified
  • Relationship between heater duty and tube life defined


  • Confidence in the remaining life of the tubes, under a variety of potential operating scenarios
  • Definition of the balance between furnace throughput and tube life
  • Identification of future tube inspection and re-assessment requirements
  • Identification of potential limits on furnace performance, and of possible solutions
Heater simulation - schematic

Plant Integrity