Mounting system for a 2.8 ton hydraulic arm on a blow off tank

Blow-off tank


  • 9m diameter blow-off tank in a European aluminium plant


  • Current cleaning practice for the tank interior involves personnel access, causing concerns for the plant health and safety management team


  • Safety team propose a tank modification utilising a 3m diameter nozzle on top of the tank, from which a hydraulic cleaning hammer can be suspended, so as to end the requirement for personnel access
  • Can the nozzle support a 2.8 ton hydraulic cleaning hammer?
  • Timescales for implementation both critical and short


  • Design of a supporting framework for the hammer and a structural integrity assessment of the framework/nozzle assembly
3m nozzle on top of blow-off tank


  • In partnership with end user and manufacturing subcontractor, initial design of supporting framework proposed
  • All operating loads identified and ideal position of entry to blow-off tank identified
  • Safety factors agreed with end user
  • Full structural integrity assessment performed
  • Detailed sketches of final design provided for manufacturing process


  • Design and structural integrity assessment performed in short timescales
  • Manufacturing takes place within weeks of initial identification of requirements
  • Reduced timescales results in cost effective solution for client
  • New cleaning method successfully implemented

Plant Integrity