Plant integrity

Vlissingen refinery complex


Managing the structural integrity of critical plant assets - from design, through life to retirement - requires the application of specialist knowledge, skills and experience. In service, component condition evolves and operating regimes may change in response to business needs. In consequence, issues arise that affect capital value, profit, performance, reliability and safety.

The role of the plant integrity specialist is to ensure that the equipment performance is adequate to meet its required function - at all times in the life cycle.

With many years development and application experience, JB-PI staff have the capabilities and competencies to address these issues through a structured series of key questions, answered by matching technical methodologies. These questions form the basis of an integrated approach to through-life structural integrity evaluation and allow a consistent philosophy to be employed in the application of our specialities. For efficiency and cost-effectiveness, a phased-approach is adopted.

Our approach is illustrated by the case studies included on this website.
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Plant Integrity